Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things they don't tell you about co-sleeping

I studied up on safe co-sleeping (as I've mentioned before) and felt like I knew it all when we started sharing our bed with our infant son. But there was something they neglected to mention on all their fancy Web sites and in their well-worded books: when you co-sleep and breastfeed, the first two rows will get wet.

Perhaps that isn't a problem later on, but at this point in our breastfeeding adventure, I let down like a garden hose on full blast, and the Baby Beast usually lets go (to prevent drowning; obviously, he's smarter than his blank expression lets on) which means the bed takes the brunt of the spray (yes, we have mastered side-lying nursing).

So, I figured the best thing I could do is either put a raincoat underneath both me and the baby (which seemed like a very crinkly, plastic-y idea) or layer the bed underneath the baby with receiving blankets and prefold cloth diapers. You can guess which one I chose.

Obviously not a raincoat

Luckily, these absorb the brunt of the blast, and I change them every evening before we crawl into bed.

So, if you're planning on co-sleeping and breastfeeding, be aware that someday a raincoat (or some prefolds) might save your sheets.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


While out grocery shopping this evening, the woman behind us in line became very taken with the Baby Beast (who was sitting in the cart propped on either side with my purse and the diaper bag, since he has yet to master sitting up). Through the course of her cooing and awwing, she delivered a phrase I have never before heard and that tickled me immensely.

"I could put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit!"

I had to do a mental reset as I tried to figure out where that had come from - it was nothing I'd ever heard before.

But I've decided I like it. It's ridiculous and cute... better than "I could eat you with a spoon" because somehow the mental imagery of jabbing at a baby with a spoon disturbs me (whereas laying them on a plate and rubbing a biscuit on them is slightly less disturbing).

There's not helping it - my son is a flirt. No matter where we go, he smiles and flirts with complete strangers. I keep getting warnings that he'll hit his shy stage any day now... I will believe it when I see it.