Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy days

There is nothing quite like sitting outside on a summer evening, watching the light slowly fading while the Baby Beast toddles around the backyard, chattering and burbling to himself. He checks in with me occasionally, tossing me a smile or a flail of his arms, but for the most part he is content to wander around doing his own thing. I trust him to come to me when he needs me, and I keep an eye on him at a distance to give him freedom of choice without giving him 100% freedom to do something dangerous.

So I sit on the porch step, browsing through my favorite blogs and news updates, contemplating if I should try the new homemade deodorant recipe that I found, digesting a dinner of sprouted pinto beans and raw avocado on the side. Is there such a thing as true bliss? I suppose I might've found something pretty close to it.

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