Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend AP Round-up: Oct. 16-22

I've decided to do a weekly attachment/natural parenting link/article roundup, as often as I can manage it. Throughout the week, I come across lots of fantastic articles, studies, and videos that support natural parenting, and I'd like to share them with anyone who might be browsing through my archives looking for good reasons to love their child.

Where’s The Evidence? 10 Ways Modern Obstetrics Ignores Evidence
"But what about the physician’s comment that modern obstetrics is based on science? Could this be a case of the Emporer that has no clothes? Modern obstetrics is riddled with accepted procedures that demonstrate how wide the gap is between practice and evidence."

You’re STILL Nursing?!
"I mentioned that I was breastfeeding in case any of the tests or prescribed medication they might give me would affect my nursing or milk content. I assume at that point she looked at my chart, saw that I gave birth 21 months ago, and said in tone that might have been appropriate if she just realized I had a Siamese twin hidden under my shirt, “You’re still nursing?!”"

Nursing For Comfort
"Friesen-Stoesz feels breastfeeding is made more difficult when we put arbitrary limits on it: “Comments like ‘he’s only nursing for comfort’ are based on ideas about schedules and how often a baby should nurse that just aren’t valid.” That’s especially true in the early weeks, says Bickford, when milk production is being established and frequent feedings are important to signal the mother’s body to produce enough milk."

Chasing Nature
"For more than a hundred years, industrious mothers, doctors, pharmacies, entrepreneurs, and corporations have been trying with varying degrees of success to perfect a manmade formula that mimics human milk. But human milk has been evolving for over 200 million mammalian years. Undaunted, the chemist rises from his chair and continues his pursuit—chasing nature but never catching up."

Induced Lactation
"For both adoptive mothers and mothers of surrogate babies, breastfeeding is about more than the milk - it's a way to connect at a deeper level with your new baby and contribute to his growth beyond the pregnancy. Although it will require time, motivation, perseverance, tenacity, and patience, breastfeeding your baby can be tremendously rewarding."

Should Children Drink Milk?
"The Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine, headed by Dr. Neil Barnard, cautions against the near universal custom of giving children pasteurized homogenized cow's milk, as it is associated with juvenile diabetes, allergies, and mucus conditions."

Can a mother's affection prevent anxiety in adulthood?
"According to the study, which followed nearly 500 infants into their 30s, babies who receive above-average levels of affection and attention from their mothers are less likely than other babies to grow up to be emotionally distressed, anxious, or hostile adults."

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