Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall days

The gorgeous, mild fall days are few and far between this year, but we've had a few. The BabyBeast is showing himself to be true to the bloodlines of his GrandpaBeast, who was an avid gardner and outdoorsman. If he can be outside, the BabyBeast prefers the open air, sunshine, and various plants and rocks to the regulated climate and baby-proofing of the indoors.

I've tried to regulate my normal germaphobe reactions to things, realizing that at this age, on an almost strict-breastmilk-only diet, he is fairly well protected from normal environmental things. I have clear memories of eating the dirt from under the swing sets at my daycare when I was five or six, and I survived (moreorless) intact. So when my seven-month-old son decides to put a leaf or twig into his mouth for a taste, I try to restrain myself for at least a few seconds before gently drawing it out of his mouth and distracting him with something else. It's not his fault that everything outside is just so... well, dirty!

Luckily, he often takes an interest in things too large to insert into his mouth, which gives me a chance to snap photos of him in all his Beastly Baby glory.

I'm a strong believer in the healing and calming effects of nature on the human psyche/spirit/soul, so I am happy to take the BabyBeast out into it as often as the weather permits. Not only does it give him new grounds to explore, but it also gives us both some sunshine and a much-needed dose of natural Vitamin D.

Besides, how often can a person get such epic shots as this when they're indoors?

Here's hoping your autumn weather is lovely, mild, and sunshiney and that you're getting your own dose of calm and natural Vitamin D today.

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