Monday, November 30, 2009

Things they don't tell you about co-sleeping, part two

When I was studying up on safe co-sleeping, I never saw anyone mention the necessity of body armor when you're co-sleeping with an older baby. BabyBeast being mobile also means that he tends to move around a lot in the bed. There have been a few nights the Husbeast and I have woken to find the BabyBeast's head buried into Husbeast's armpit and his toes digging into my hipbone. We've also woken to find ourselves pressed together like slices of bread while the baby stretches lengthwise across my half of the bed.

However, this newfound sleep-mobility does give camera-wielding MommaBeasts the opportunity to catch some truly hilarious 'naptime' images.

His feet are towards the head of the bed. We
tossed the blanket on him to keep him warm.

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