Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday summary (and photos!)

The holidays were a rather peaceful affair this year, as we were snowed in. The Beastly household was not without cheer, though, because we still had a good meal (courtesy of my sister-outlaw) and family and conversation.

I know its traditional to do a rundown of all the swag that was received, but I dislike promoting consumerism in general, and plan to eventually wean right off of holiday gifts. Why do we need a day to give one another nice things? Can't we do that just because we enjoy someone and want to make them feel happy?

Oh, I've migrated onto my soapbox again. Let me step down and continue.

We're all slowly getting over the illness the BabyBeast was kind enough to share with us (isn't it fun that his first holiday gift to anyone was a raging headcold?) and the 14" of snow are slowly beginning to melt (which may not sound like much to you, but in Oklahoma, it's unheard of). So, things in the Beastly household are slowly returning to normal, or at least as normal as they get here.

We're working on getting the BabyBeast back into his floor bed for naps; he's been so miserably ill that we've been keeping him in the family bed, propped up on multiple prefold diapers (clean ones, of course) to help him breathe. And since I've been ill, too, I've been taking the opportunity to nap with him every time he goes down. That translates into his floor bed not getting much attention from anyone (except the dogs, who will get on it even when they've been told multiple times to stay off).

So, here's to the up-coming year. To health, happiness, and more adventures in natural parenting.

BabyBeast and Husbeast trying to figure out a large present

The BabyBeast and his stash

The trench dug to allow the dogs access to the yard

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