Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reading recommendations mark II

It's been a month since I last tossed up a few recommendations for readers, so I thought I'd delve into that murky ocean again and see what I could bring up to fill the (few and far between) moments of quiet in your life.

This time, my first recommendation is less about 'raising' a baby as about 'having' a baby... but you'll forgive me, right?

  • Having a baby
    The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer: Covering all the highly invasive 'modern medicine' techniques of childbirth (c-section, episiotomies, epidurals, etc), Henci Goer points out where they go wrong and why going back to the roots and trusting your body may not be such a bad thing. Until reading this, I had thought the birth of the BabyBeast was normal. Now I know 'normal' doesn't necessarily equal 'right' (i may someday put the birth story in an entry, but hindsight has made it clear why i feel neither positive nor negative about the birth; i was just there, passing time, until the doctor could make the baby appear like a rabbit from a hat). This is a truly eye-opening look at modern obstetric medicine, and it will almost certainly make you reconsider what is 'normal' versus what is 'natural.'

  • Pulp fiction
    Spindle's End by Robin McKinley: A beautiful retelling of the Sleeping Beauty myth, this book is one of my favorites of McKinley's. A world awash in magic, a hidden princess, and a twist ending that completely surprised me (and definitely made the Sleeping Beauty myth much more palatable to me), this book has rich characters and wonderful humor, two things I always enjoy in a book. McKinley's writing is, as always, rich and textured and makes the imaginary world she has created just as real as reality.

    Off to bed; there are two Beastly fellows waiting for me (one for cuddles, and one for cuddles and nursing; isn't it nice to be needed?)
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