Sunday, January 24, 2010


The BabyBeast is beginning to make recognizable sounds, other than "mama" and "dada." He's also mastered at least one American Sign Language sign (not surprisingly, it's the sign for 'milk,' which we use as our sign for 'nurse'). And, by the way, signing with your baby is a great way to bridge the gap between coos and gurgles and actual words. Do a little research and see where you can implement it in your own life.

A couple of days ago, he was after something he wasn't meant to have, so I shook my head and told him gently, "No, not for baby." which is my usual routine. He stared at me for a second, then shook his head at me and said, "Nuh." Either he was mimicking me (which would be fine), he was verifying that I did mean what I said (which would be fine), or he was telling ME 'no' (danger, will robinson! danger! danger!). The jury is still out on that one.

This morning, I asked him where his grandma was, and he stopped to think about it for a second, said, "Ahmuh" (sound it out - it lacks only the hard 'g' sound) and took off crawling towards the kitchen where she normally perches with coffee cup in one hand and computer mouse in the other (she likes her internet games, that woman).

It amazes me to see this tiny person growing and developing every day. It reminds me constantly that he's not 'my baby,' he's his own person (a very Montessori ideal). I shouldn't treat him like my property, because he isn't - I'm borrowing him in his youth, to teach him what he needs to know when he's a man.

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  1. I agree, our babies are given to us to look after, they aren't ours. That's what dogs are for! I'll be an old lady with cats and dogs galore. What sort of dogs do you have?