Thursday, February 4, 2010

The joys of co-sleeping

Have you ever had a co-sleeping night that is Just Not That Restful, and amazingly it is not due to the baby? We definitely had one of those last night, and the blame rests entirely on the poor, much maligned Husbeast.

We are in the process of finding a good king sized mattress to upgrade to (and it's a process, all right; I have SLE, and that means i need a squishy-yet-supportive mattress if i want to be able to move the next morning without immense pain) and that means that there are three in the bed on a queen sized mattress. Now, this worked wonderfully when the Baby Beast was smaller (which was for oh, about a week or two). Now he's 31" tall and 27lb large.

Last night was one of those difficult nights where Husbeast has a case of the twitchies, and they continuously wake both me and the Baby Beast. And since he keeps waking the Baby Beast, the Baby Beast responds in kind - by kicking him in the lower back.

Finally, at around 5:45am, the Husbeast apparently had his fill of this, and he got noisily out of bed and laid down somewhere else. I wasn't terribly concerned about where he settled, because I was frantically trying to convince the Baby Beast that no, really, we didn't need to get up yet (his usual 'good morning, world, here i am!' time is about 7:15-7:30am, and i wanted that hour and a half of sleep).

Our usual wake up time arrived, and Baby Beast and I woke up. And lo and behold, I found the Husbeast... sleeping on the Baby Beast's floor bed. I really should've taken pictures. Next time, I will (oh, yes, i expect it to happen again; how could it not?)

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