Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raw30: Day 10

Today was a bad Lupus day. I woke up kind of stiff and achy, and it has only progressed since then. Whether this has anything to do with the cooked chicken from last night, the jury is still out on. I may try this experiment again in a week or two. Go 100% raw then try a salad with some chicken, and see if my SLE acts up the next day.

And Baby Beast seems determined to kill himself now that he's walking. He fell head-first off the back patio step. He cried over it for about 20 seconds, and then he wanted to get away from me to explore the back yard. He's a true outdoorsman. (and yes, his head is fine. bit of a lump, a little bit of concrete pattern on his scalp, but he wasn't terribly fussed by it) So, suicidal baby plus Lupus-ridden mommy made for a truly exhausting day.

Anyway, since today was so yucky, I mostly subsisted on food I'd already prepared: blueberry pie. Amazing how kind to me those pies have been.

The two things I did prep today were... another stuffed Portobella mushroom cap and more Caesar dressing! This time I doubled the liquid that the pine-nut-mix went into for the dressing, and got a much more pourable mixture. It actually forms around the salad rather than sitting in resolute lumps!

I also threw three ripe bananas into the freezer (well, two and 2/3 of a banana, since the Baby Beast saw me holding bananas and started clamoring for "bamamama") to have banana ice cream tomorrow morning. I think I get way too much joy out of eating desserts for breakfast.

So, I'm just going to close with a picture of the lovely salad I threw together for dinner tonight, and call it a day.

Just in case you're wondering, this is romaine lettuce, butterhead lettuce,
Swiss chard, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and rainbow baby-cut
carrots. The bottle in the background is the new dressing.


  1. where did you get rainbow carrots??

  2. At a local grocery store, Homeland. They've just recently started carrying them, and I'm pretty excited. They do actually have slightly different flavors, and they really add some kick to a salad.