Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raw30: Day 15

How embarrassing... I was so tired last night, I went in to nurse the Baby Beast back down and ended up passing out next to him. So the blog post I was going to write up last night is now being written up this morning. In my defense, yesterday was one HECK of a long day!

I indulge myself to one massage a month. With Lupus, it's a very good way to help with the pain... but this month I felt like I deserved something for being a MommyBeast for nearly a year (the Baby Beast's birthday will be April 1st, for anyone interested), so yesterday I had my first of two massages this month. I'm such a lucky gal.

Unfortunately, that massage was at 10am. So I got up with the Baby Beast and threw myself into the shower (no one wants to give a massage to a stinky person) and took care of my normal morning activities before I had to drive the 20 minutes to the Massage Envy I go to (in Oklahoma, driving 20-30min to get somewhere is considered normal). Then I had to hurry home to get ready for the surprise job interview for the job I didn't apply for at the store I didn't apply to.

What? Huh? Wait a second...

Before the Baby Beast, I was a dog trainer (I still technically am; I just consider him the bigger part of my life). I was a dog trainer for two years with PetSmart, which gave me a chance to use all the dog information I had spent years acquiring to help other people with their canine issues.

I was - and am - a darn good dog trainer. My clients loved me. Their dogs loved me. I had a lot of repeat business (i.e. someone would take a Puppy or Beginner class with me, and then choose to go on to the Intermediate class with me).

So, when one of the local PetSmarts lost their trainer (she walked out in the middle of a semester of classes, leaving a lot of people hanging), the first person on the Area Pet Trainer's mind was me.

I got a call on Friday from Lynne, the Area Pet Trainer, detailing a little of what was going on. After talking to her on Saturday, I knew this would work out well; I'd been wanting to do a little work outside the home - no more than 20hr a week - and this job was coming at the perfect time for that.

Long story short, I had an interview yesterday for the job and it seems like I'll be diving back in to Pet Training in a week or so.

By the time I'd finished the interview, taken the required drug test, and run down to Norman to pick up some dates, it was pushing 4pm and I was exhausted from rushing around all day.

So you'll have to excuse me if the only thing I made was more Fudge Balls. And even then, I didn't ball them up very well. The stuff is the consistency of thick brownie batter, and just as sticky... so the balls don't ball well. It's much easier to eat it right out of the food processor with a couple spoons.

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