Monday, March 22, 2010

Raw30: Day 21

Today was my day of rest... but who cares?! Health Care Reform passed!

I've been following that since I first heard about it. I've known since I was diagnosed with Lupus (when I was 15) that I had to have insurance, because if it ever, ever lapsed, I would become "uninsurable," which meant I went from my parents' insurance into COBRA, and then into insurance with my job, then into COBRA again, then into my husband's insurance, making sure I never reached the point where I did not have insurance.

Because of the House and Senate democrats, I will no longer be "uninsurable."

I'm so happy. It overwhelms everything else, even the salad I had for breakfast (which was delicious). I'm going to go snuggle the Baby Beast (who can no longer have a pre-existing condition and won't even know what that is in his lifetime) and rejoice.

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