Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw30: Day 2

Today was one of those run-run-run days. I still have lingering nausea from the stomach flu, so I just keep telling myself, "You are a rockstar. You are a rockstar." and powering through the nausea and exhaustion and general ickiness.

We had to rush out the door this morning. The Baby Beast attends The Little Gym and we had to miss our class last week (because we all had stomach flu - what a mess! and i am filing a complaint about mommy still having to take care of daddy and baby even when she's ill... filing it as soon as i figure out where the complaint department is) so we went to our regular class Monday evening and then had to rush out an hour after waking up this morning to join the Tuesday morning class so we could make up the class we'd missed. This meant I only had time to throw a couple handfuls of raw granola (coconut, honey, cinnamon powder) into my mouth before we were out the door.

Amazingly, it stayed with me pretty well. I wasn't full-on-grumblytummy-hungry by the time we got home. My blood sugar was getting a bit low (i've always had low blood sugar issues), so I was really happy I had dehydrated some apple and peach slices a couple days back. After wolfing those down (along with some raw snap peas - MAN, those are good! even the baby thought so) I had to oomph to mix up some guacamole and toss it on a big green salad. It's not as ick as it sounds - guac makes a darn good dressing!

I finished up with some more granola and a half a tomato sprinkled with sea salt. That definitely helped the salt craving! I'm still thinking of making something "junk food-ie" (which won't be at all junky because it'll be out of raw ingredients) just because I find myself missing things like tortilla chips and french fries and nachos.

To keep me going while I went out grocery shopping for a couple of necessities, I took along a green smoothie (which does not mean it was green colored, just that it contained greens - in this case, spinach). I kept sipping on it to try and avoid feeling hungry, then realized I was actually STUFFED, and stopped sipping because I really was feeling kind of gurky by that time. Imagine, feeling stuffed eating nothing but raw vegan food!

Tonight's Big Deal Dish was Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms. On the first bite, I mostly tasted the basil I'd used as flavoring, but by my third mushroom, it was as good as anything I'd paid good money for at a restaurant. Dehydrating them gave them a nice, soft, almost-like-cooked consistency, and made the "pesto" stuffing nice and chewy and textured.

Baby Beast surprised me by indulging in a 4.5 hour "nap" with me late in the day, so now we're all up for an hour or so, munching on mushrooms and the last bit of smoothie. I'm thinking of throwing some kale in to dehydrate into kale chips for tomorrow. Make hay while the... well, the sun isn't shining, but I'm awake anyway! Might as well do something!

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  1. ooh kale chips sound good! I have just discovered that I really really like kale, tried it the firs time last week.