Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raw30: Day 14

Today was my day of rest. The only thing I made was Fudge Balls.

Allow me to say... I am a chocoholic. I love chocolate. So I HAD to eat something chocolatey before I lost my mind, and since my mom (we all cohabitate; it's cozy and convenient, except when she does things like today) just bought a whole tin of brownies, I knew I'd have to do something to avoid the temptation. (and it's dang hard, because she bought the type of brownies that don't contain milk - yes, the Baby Beast still cannot tolerate any dairy in my diet)

So, I did. And there are no pictures because I didn't make Fudge Balls... I just made squishy chocolate goo that tasted awesome. And I stood with the VitaMix container in one hand, a long-handled tea spoon in the other, and ate. And ate. And ate. I have no guilt.

And then I dipped raw strawberries in it, and ate those.

So, no picture (yes, there is some left; the Husbeast loves chocolate, too) because you don't want to see a Tupperware container of dark chocolate-colored goo.

But I will give you the recipe*.

Also? These make a fantastic breakfast. No, really.


* Fudge Balls

2 cups dates, pitted and soaked (at least 1hr)
2 cups raw almond butter
1/2 cup raw carob/cacao powder

1. In a food processor**, blend the dates to a smooth paste.
2. Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth.
3. Remove from processor and form into round balls.

Note: These will keep for a long time in the refrigerator.

** Although I used my VitaMix. Seemed easier to me.


  1. >>>But I will give you the recipe*.<<<

    Why the asterisk?

  2. Fixed it so the recipe actually has an asterisk next to it. Thanks!

  3. Makes sense now after reading your other posts! :)