Friday, March 5, 2010

Raw30: Day 5

Today was a serious prep day. I made Collard Rolls - which were unbelievably delicious - and Pad Thai - which tasted nothing like cooked Pad Thai but still somehow managed to be awesome - and Banana Ice Cream*. I pigged, it was good, I was happy. Even the Baby Beast sampled a few of the items, and came back to beg for more (in his typical way: "Muhmuhmuhmuh mmmmmmm." The "mmm" always comes when he sees us caving in to give him a bite)

I have said before I love avocados... and I was very excited to dig into the Collard Rolls because they had avocado. And marinated Portobello mushrooms and onions. And a weird mixture of grated carrot and zucchini.

And yet somehow, it managed to be REALLY FREAKIN' TASTY. I thought about letting the Baby Beast sample it, but it had a few too many chokables for my liking (not to mention the extreme saltiness of the marinated mushrooms/onions). But I enjoyed it enough that I'm seriously thinking of making it at least a weekly staple, hard prep work be damned!

Looks good, tastes better

Otherwise, the day was spent outside. Oklahoma is finally - finally! - starting to get some nice weather, and because we are doing a mixture of Montessori/Waldorf/unschooling, I thought it as good a time as any to start letting the Baby Beast do what he does best: wander around in nature flapping and crowing (at times, i think he's actually a Baby Bird, and there's been some mix up). And stomping in his new shoes.

Things here are going well. There are Spicy Fries dehydrating for the Husbeast right now, and I'm about to throw together a Wrap Salad before bed. Hey, when you're eating raw, there's no rule about pigging out before bed... and I like it!


* Banana Ice Cream

Surprisingly easy to make. Take three RIPE bananas. Peel them. Stick them on a plate in the freezer. Come back for them the next day. Put them in a food processor. Process until they go past the gritty/grainy stage and take on the look of soft serve ice cream. Eat. Enjoy.

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