Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raw30: Day 6

Today was one of those busy, busy days where I ended up feeling like there wasn't enough time to do anything but chase after myself (and the baby).

We went shopping for the ingredients for our second week of raw, which ate up most of the morning because we end up going to three separate stores to get everything we need: Native Roots Market (for most of our produce), Forward Foods (for most of our bulk raw nuts and things to sprout), and a local grocery store, Homeland (for whatever we can't find at the other two).

Native Roots is always my first choice, because they promote buying local; most of what they carry is Oklahoma-grown/made, and I love supporting my local farmers and crafters. Not to mention the store is just spiffy, and they're friendly. Plus, a spice counter where you can find just about anything, and they'll grind it for you, too! So if you need some ground yellow mustard seed for a recipe and don't want to buy a huge bottle, you can get the amount you need and call it good.

I also had a lunch date with a dear friend who is expecting her first baby in about two months. She's always fun to be around, and we're on the same whacky wavelength (we were the two who got the oddest looks from our co-workers [we met at work about three years ago] and everyone thought we'd known each other for years from the way we acted when we were around each other). Luckily, we went somewhere with a wonderful salad menu, so I was able to get a nice large salad with double helpings of guacamole on top (don't knock it, it's delicious) along with a big fruit plate. The Baby Beast helped me eat one of the cherry tomatoes and quite a few of my olives, but I forgive him (even though i like olives almost as much as avocados).

So, one thing led to another and I found myself with no spare time to make anything fancy today. Dinner tonight was a super-simple guacamole (avocado, sea salt, 1/2 a tomato, lime juice), an apple, and then the other half of the tomato sprinkled with salt.

This would be another "don't knock it 'til you've tried it" thing.

Once I was no longer hungry (and the baby was firmly settled for the night), I got started on making a second batch of Kale Chips, since the first batch went so quickly!

In between bouts of running in to nurse the baby back down to sleep, I managed to get six trays of kale chips set up, and I made my way drippily to the dehydrator.

They're currently rumbling away in there, getting nice and crispy for tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll do sweet and salty in the morning - banana ice cream (with a bit of cinnamon) and for my second course, kale chips. Raw is so much fun in the mornings.

Now I'm going to go crash next to the Baby Beast. There's a storm moving in and various and sundry points of my body are reporting in on this phenomenon, and I'd rather be unconscious than in pain. I'm weird that way.

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