Friday, March 19, 2010

Raw30: Day 19

What an improved attitude I have, now that I don't feel like I have to do it one way, that I have some options. I think it was the lack of choice that chafed most, feeling that I had this very narrow window of what was and wasn't okay. For the most part, I've chosen vegan foods today... I just liked being able to say, "I think I will have some chicken on my salad" or "I am going to microwave a vegan meal" (rather than try to deal with a tired and fussy 11-month-old while chopping and mixing and flavoring). Also, a microwaved vegan meal is something I can sit down with the Baby Beast and share at his Montessori weaning table. A lot of the raw meals are either liquid... or chunky to the point where I don't feel entirely safe giving them to him.

I still ate two salads, guacamole, a smoothie, and 1/2 a pineapple today... so the majority of my intake has been raw. But I've also had a bit of chicken, some corn chips (with the guac), a few Fig Newtons, and a vegan microwave meal that, as I said, I sat down with the baby to share at his weaning table (although he mostly practiced stabbing with his fork and seeing how many times he could make rice grains fall off his fork onto the floor where the dogs were waiting.

Today's raw prep was the Kale Salad, and I really did enjoy it! It doesn't look like much, but it had avocado and salt and tomatoes... and those're things I really enjoy!

So overall, I feel pretty good about today. I'll be making another smoothie to tide me over until morning and almost certainly am going to make more Fudge Balls, but I don't feel frustrated or frantic anymore. Definitely an improvement!

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