Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Raw30: Day 17

One thing I've noticed about this raw journey... while I may not necessarily like everything I make, the Baby Beast certainly does! He never turns down a new flavor, and he usually comes back and asks for more.

Today's creation was a Pineapple Sundae.

You're picturing ice cream with warm pineapple sauce, aren't you? So was I, when I first read the title. Really, I think it ought to have its name changed. Pinapples with Apple Cream would be more appropriate, although perhaps less appealing. (then again, i found the dish not-that-appealing anyway, so i don't suppose the less appealing name would be wrong)

The layers are the Apple Cream and the pineapple/apple mixture.

So, now I have a huge lasagna pan of Pesto Lasagna and a medium-ish Tupperware container of Pineapple Sundaewith Apple Cream. And I like neither. Thank goodness I can put them in the Husbeast's lunch pail and know they will be consumed while he's at work.

One of the things we've talked about, once this 30 day journey is over, is that I'd like to make all the recipes in Alissa's book at least once. (no, this won't be a julie&julia situation... i won't be making one a day. this mommybeast needs a break from daily food prep and blogging!) But I want to sample everything in her book, and frankly, 30 days is not enough to try everything. And I will probably be re-making some of my favorite desserts. I'd like to figure out the Chocolate Turtles; I tried making those last night, but somehow I ended up with some chocolate-glazed walnuts with a big pool of honey/cocoa in the center of the Teflex sheet in the dehydrator. Sigh. I'll be licking the sheet clean later, I imagine.

So, that's it for now. Hopefully tomorrow's food experiment will be moderately better. I'm tired of big messes and big preps for food I don't even much like.

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