Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raw30: Day 16

Today I made Pesto Lasagna. And that was it. Because it took me ALL. DAY. No, really.

This had to be the most labor-intensive recipe I've made yet. And it tastes okay... not bad. But it doesn't quite do it for me.

But it sure looks pretty!

But, as we discovered with the Sunny Pate I made a couple days back, it's not what it looks like that matters; it's what it tastes like. And I don't mind the flavor, I just don't really love it. It had a lot of layers of fairly nice things that mixed well... but the end result just doesn't thrill me.

So, I'm gonna make some Kale Chips, if I can muster the energy. Seriously, ALL. DAY. (of course, i'm also chasing a 11-month-old around, so it takes me a lot longer to do everything, but still)

The Husbeast and I have discussed it, and agreed that at this point in our lives, we just don't have the time for a 100% raw food diet. We're hoping to stay high raw (i.e. "90% raw 100% of the time"), but I accept that there will be days when I need a some chicken on my salad... or a PB&J sandwich. I like the freedom to eat "convenience" foods that don't require an hour of prep work to consume.

So, at the end of our 30 days, we'll be going to our favorite Thai restaurant for the Baby Beast's first birthday. And we'll undoubtedly enjoy it.

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  1. Best of luck with the final 8 days and the big 1st birthday party. If you like Kale chips give us a look. We're a 100% raw snack chip. It's definitely hard to keep up with a raw food diet, and hopefully we can help out a bit with that. Let us know how our kale chips stand up to yours!