Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raw30: Day 26, 27, & 28

The last few days have been so hectic and wild, I've been amazed if I managed to eat, let alone if I managed to eat something raw. Days like the last three would be ideal days to have a lot of things waiting for me... dehydrated crackers and snack bars and lots of raw dressings that I only need to throw handfuls of greens and sprouts in a bowl to complement.

Instead, I haven't had time to do much of anything. So it was a huge relief tonight to go to the Raw Meetup that happens once a month in Oklahoma City.

It's a great time with great people, and it gives the Husbeast and I a chance to have some really good, gourmet raw food without having to spend a ton. It's basically a raw potluck - everyone brings a dish, and we all sample each others' foods. We're supposed to bring along recipes, just so anyone who really likes the dish can make it themselves.

It was a delight to be there. Everything from salad to raw chocolate pie to a raw enchilada demonstration by one of the guests.

I made something I knew I loved (and hoped others would): Stuffed Portobella Mushroom Caps

We took the Baby Beast with us. Since I've started working, he's been especially needy and clingy, and (for the most part) I haven't minded being clung to. After all, when you spend four or five hours away from someone you're used to spending 23 hours a day with, it's kind of a shock.

He sampled most of the raw foods (he's still a cracker fiend; he went after the raw crackers on my plate and took off with one in his hand, munching away) and charmed most of the people there. I got a lot of comments on what a "good baby" he was. He's just a securely attached baby, I think. He knows everything is going to be okay, so he's comfortable in social situations (usually).

So, after eating a huge variety of really flippin' delicious raw foods, I'm feeling pretty happy. And reinvigorated! I am looking forward to making Berry Bars tomorrow, and may actually get the ingredients to make a Lentil Cup Salad again... because that was one delicious salad.

So, while the 30 days of compulsive raw are nearly done, I am still looking forward to eating a wide variety of yummy raw things. So I would call the experiment a success.

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