Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raw30: Day 9

Today was a salad day! I ended up eating three salads today, along with finishing the first blueberry pie this morning. You see, today's non-cooking endeavor was a Caesar salad dressing. While it didn't come out really tasting like a Caesar dressing, it DID come out tasting amazing! So I can forgive it for not living up to its name.

This is probably going to become a staple for us. I've had trouble eating big, leafy salads lately because... well, heck, what can I dress them with? Caesar has been my favorite for years, with Ranch behind that, and neither one of those is considered a "raw" condiment. Not to mention that Baby Beast's dairy allergy kind of prevents me eating any dressing with milk or cheese in it.

But with this new dressing, I can see enjoying salads again! I'm excited about it, because I DO like well-made salads (and that means more than lettuce-and-tomatoes). I think they're exciting when done correctly, and can actually be really delightful to eat.

Today I threw a lot of sprouts onto my salad. I needed to use of the last of the mung bean sprouts before they began to mushing process (i.e. when you look in the fridge and go "EEEYUCH!" and are afraid to even touch the container the food item is in to throw it away). So I threw those onto the baby spinach-romaine-butter head lettuce that I had going. Then I threw a handful or two of the lentil sprouts we have.

I needed spouted lentils for a recipe... but I only needed 1/4 cup. I made... like... four cups. So. We have lentil sprouts. Boy, do we. I could probably put 'em in soil and have lentil plants. Many of them.

After adding some tomatoes and chives to the salad, I tossed the dressing on (note for the next time I make it: it needs to be runnier. salad dressing should not land in clumps) and dug in. Obviously, it was good... I mean, hello, three salads.

It may be lumpy, but it's darn good Caesar dressing.

I DID give in and have some chicken on one of the salads... but I don't feel truly shamed by it. I have really wanted some animal protein, so now I've had some. If it improves my breastmilk for the Baby Beast, I consider it a win-win situation. Really, one salad with 1 cup of chicken after nine days of raw food? I have trouble thinking I'm a failure. Especially since I've felt SO stressed lately, worrying if I was making enough breastmilk. Having had a bit of chicken, I feel slightly comforted, and can stop turning into a little ball of tension.

The Husbeast and I went out bowling tonight with some of his co-workers. I got to know the gutter really well. And I threw the ball BEHIND me once, but it didn't hit anyone, so no worries! But it was wonderful getting to go out and hang out with people who're verbal (because I love my Baby Beast, but he has yet to manage a truly intelligible conversation, although he can sign "nurse" and "all done" and "change" when his diaper needs changing).

What will I make tomorrow? I honestly have no idea, but I bet it'll be yummy.

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